music composed by Jaime Munárriz
. . .

arranged and played live by Munarriz/Piñango
. . .


druhb is a new project that explores ambient, minimalism and electronic.
songs work on geometry, simple alternations, evolving structures and sound textures.
we try to keep it nice and simple.

[palpit's score]

druhb have virtual agents that can do certain labors, as playing MS20s and DJing. these are our avatars:

[pin - mun]


previous work was released as Destroy Mercedes. from now on, DM will release the harder stuff, electronic punk and psicodelia, while druhb will explore this kind of minimal geometric ambient.
we also work on the "laboratorio" project, with a lot more musicians from experimentaclub.
there's also another project going on with singing and songs: the Anki Toner's Record Collectors Orchestra

before, we've worked as "Cerdos" (pigs).
JP played at "Mil Dolores Pequeños".
JM played at "Los Monaguillosh" at the early 80's. he also produced the first spanish hip hop records.

more druhb information at (not anymore)